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NBUSeMINAR was born out of a sincere effort to digitally support and enhance college and university-level teaching and research in North Bengal. This site, designed for local scholars in January 2010, has facilitated the digital convergence of national academia: teachers and scholars from metropolitan as well as rural institutions have benefited from it in the last four years. The site gets an average of a thousand hits every day, while people from around 95 countries visit this site. Nbuseminar has grown over time, while keeping firm foot in North Bengal. My sincerest thanks to visitors who have been following this site and helping with bits of information.

Anindya Bhattacharya


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Displayed on this forum, your project can have significant inputs.


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A window to the world of scholarship, from North Bengal and beyond.

Authors/editors wishing to showcase their books on this page and get it reviewed by our community members please send two copies of the book to the department address. For any information feel free to write to


This page links to websites of ALL academic staff colleges of India that conduct Orientation and Refresher courses regularly, and thus is a great time-saver for college teachers who find it difficult to locate institutions running such courses at a particular time. Below the list I’ll also post whatever ASC news I get from friends.


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With Professor Soumyajit Samanta (Dept. of English, North Bengal University) at the helm, we expect to begin some more good projects in the future. It is his inspiration and constant prodding that keep the projects (and us) running.

Please bookmark this site and help to improve it with valuable comments.

19 thoughts on “Preface”

  1. Pradipta Mukherjee said:

    An edited anthology on diaspora studies is on the verge of publication with a reputed delhi based publisher. Interested authors or contributors are requested to submit full paper …3000 to 5000 words latest by 30 September 2013 in the following email address…
    areas include…diasporic literature. …diasporic cinema…south asian diaspora. literatures and diaspora…the migrant community and diaspora. ..exile literature. ..african…Canadian. ..carribean…australian diaspora.
    Please follow chicago manual style and use endnotes.

  2. Dr. Sandipan Wanve said:

    This is the best work which can unite the lovers of knowledge. All the best. Thanks.
    Dr. Sandipan Wanve, Science College, Nanded. Maharashtra.

  3. Subir Nag said:

    Earnest appreciation. It is like finding an oasis.

  4. Dr. Shaikh Parvez said:

    Indeed it is a step to unite the scholars and academicians and a big platform which is the need of time that will help in accessing the information. wish u best luck.

  5. This is a wonderful website. I am glad I landed here. I work at the Aligarh Muslim University and am sure I will put up all details of any workshop or seminar that we have here in the English department.

  6. This is a great opportunity to avail this facility…It is only because of you that I could publish two papers in anthologies with ISBN. Credit goes to you. keep it up and update us … regards,

  7. Dr. Ashwin Ranjanikar said:

    this is a very good initiative taken by the NBUians. With this all the literature interested personalities come under one umberalla and they will be able to share and pass information very rapidly.
    Congratulations and best of luck.
    Dr. Ashwin P. Ranjanikar

  8. joy lal das said:

    it is a useful site for the netizen cum reader

  9. bhupinder singh said:

    very good effort which will boost the morale of research scholars

  10. Saurav Sengupta said:

    Colourful and fine footage developed with an apology for finesse. The journey has begun well and leaves one gasping that the moderator should have been impregnated with such volatile masochism.

  11. Pinaki Roy said:

    Fine website and community! Very informative, too. I feel honoured to have been acquainted with the moderator/webmaster of this website, and to be a former researcher of the University of North Bengal! And my thanks and gratitude are always for Prof. Samanta who has done so many things for me.

    • Dear Pinaki, It’s about time you paid back with a book review. I’ll send to you the next book I get for a review :) Please msg me your home address.

  12. This is really a modern move adjusting the pace of science with arts.

  13. This is interesting move for creative work. indeed it is appreciable. i do not personally know the bengali fraternity of English studies. but i hope your movement will surely help me to get connected.

  14. Sabyasachi Roy said:

    It’s like a movement, which I think will definitely boost the aspiring critics of literature and unfold their minds with a renewed vigour. Hats off to all who have delivered this unique n innovative project. May this become a landmark event in the history of literary studies in North Bengal. With best wishes Sabyasachi Roy,(asstt teacher) Islampur High School

  15. Suraj Kumar Shaw said:

    It is a great step forward to promote scholarly endeavours taken by NBU.It will definitely attract and inspire the (budding)researchers.This portal will not only help the ”NBUians” but WBENGALians at large in times to come.
    With best wishes

  16. Priyanka Chatterjee said:

    an appreciative endeavour indeeed..!!!a wonderful platform to allow the NBUians to come out of their shells, apprise themselves with literary happenings and of course give vent to all those ideas that begin and end in the minds, remain suppressed due to want of medium of expression…hope its going to work wonders for all of us…

    all the best always n in all ways..


  17. anindya sekhar purakayastha said:

    this is a great begining.hope we can do something good by this for NBU.blogs and activities like these will end academic apartheids prevalent in academia where Indian ivy legue institutes(are there any such bodies?) would no longer look down upon NBUians.If there can be an Yale school and Birmingham school of theory, then why not NBU school of neo-critical theory?
    lets make a begining with all jest and hope and faith.

    with all of always in such efforts.

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