Contributions are being invited for an edited volume to be entitled Conflicting Mythologies: Mapping Culture, Tradition and Modernity in Indian Writing in English. The volume is being planned for publication this year. This collection of articles proposes to interrogate the authorial representations in IWE of the impact of Western Ideologies on the indigenous cultures and traditions of India: the way the existing discourses were challenged and modified by new, contesting mythologies from the West.

The Western narrative of Modernity insisted that a secular society and an enlightened individual wait at the end of the road of industrialization and urbanization. A “modern” form of life encompassing a whole package of elements – including such ideas as industrial economics, scientific technologies, liberal-democratic politics, Western education, nuclear families, and secular worldviews – challenged the age-old traditional moorings of the Indian communities and forced them to redefine their positions in many ways.

The impact of Western education on the indigenous psyche, status of women in the community/family and the individual’s position within his community are some of these that have received extensive attention in Indian Writing in English. This collection of articles will strive to explore the politics of such representations.

Potential contributors to the edited volume should send an abstract of about 200 words to either of the two email ids or before 20 June, 2010. If selected, the contributor will be informed within two-three days and they would have to submit the full paper within 30 June, 2010.

Anindya Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor, University B.T. & Evening College, Cooch Behar, India



Bodhisattva Khan

Assistant Professor, Cluny Women’s College, Kalimpong, India