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Anindya Bhattacharya


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21 thoughts on “Preface”

  1. Chetan Deshmane & Yogesh Gangurde said:


    Culture, the Arts, and Literature
    25th to 27th February 2016
    KTHM College, Nashik 422002


    The influence of Culture, the Arts, and Literature upon one another is quite obvious, but what kind of influence, why and how it takes place can be very interesting, engaging, and even intriguing. Culture—as shared traditions, values, desires, aspirations, goals, and attitudes of a community or society—plays a pivotal role in the being and becoming of any nation-state. Its reflections in the arts and literature are indicative of the power of culture; however, though the arts and literature are re-presentations, they have the power to leave indelible marks on culture. The arts and literature of a culture are often considered a measure of that culture’s highest achievements since creative activities also represent a culture’s identity. In recent times, it has become very important to understand how the attitudes, ideas, and values of individuals, groups, societies, or cultures are represented in their literature, arts, and other creative activities and even daily life. This, in turn, augments our understanding of the varied and complex relations among lived, represented, and speculated existence. While it is necessary to improve our cultural literacy in order to transform our view of the arts and literature of a society, cultural literacy also broadens our attitude toward the ‘other’ people, thus transforming us into better philanthropists. For a better understanding of the (Globalized) society today, it is important to understand the ways in which cultural values are articulated socially and creatively and how making and circulation of meaning within a culture take place. The conference aims to proceed from addressing basic issues like what culture is (a statement like ‘Culture is everything’ does not really define what it is) and what it does to raising questions about the complex and vexed issue of cultural hybridity and to seek answers to them. It is interesting to see if the arts and literature can facilitate cultural hybridity. One of the most important questions is, of course, to look within whether we have really learnt to describe and discuss arts and culture whether our own or of the ‘other.’ It can be answered only through acquiring insights into the culture of man’s sense and sensibility by comprehending broad views of life, achieving a higher degree of critical awareness, and developing certain ways of thinking. However, since nothing is static, cultures, arts, and literatures are also dynamic, heterogeneous, and dialogic; for this reason, changes in cultures, arts, and literatures call for our understanding of (their) histories as well. Historical approach can help explore the ways of various human civilizations through a variety of disciplines such as theology, aesthetics, mythology, musicology, dance, archeology, architecture, folklore, and so on. While contested histories shape politics in many countries today, it is important to see that the arts and literary works challenge both conventional and political certainties, even transforms the culture of a people.

    The following sub-themes will be the focus of the conference though innovative ideas related to the conference theme are welcome:

    1. Classical Indology
    2. Mythologies (Indian/Egyptian/Greek/Roman)
    3. Film & Visual Culture
    4. Comparative Studies across Cultures, Arts, and Literatures
    5. Performing Arts and Culture/Literature
    6. Media and Culture/Arts/Literature
    7. Politics and Culture/Arts/Literature
    8. Social Change and Culture/Arts/Literature
    9. Adaptations
    10. Religion and Culture/Arts/Literature
    11. Crime/War and Culture/Arts/Literature
    12. Gender/Sexuality/Race/Ethnicity and Culture/Arts/Literature
    13. Diaspora/Subaltern Studies/Identity and Culture/Arts/Literature
    14. Language and Culture/Arts/Literature
    15. Ancient and Modern Languages
    16. Philosophy and Culture/Arts/Literature
    17. Marxist Perspective on Art, Literature, and Culture
    18. Multiculturalism and Arts/Literature
    19. Postcolonial Studies/Globalization and Culture/Arts/Literature
    20. History and Culture/Arts/Literature
    21. Culture/Arts/Literature of the Present and of the Past
    22. Religion and Culture/Arts/Literature

    Abstract Submission
    Last Date : 30th December 2015

    Full Paper Submission
    Last Date: 31st January 2016

    Conference Fees: Rs. 1500/- (For Teachers)
    Rs. 750/- (For Students & Research Scholars not getting any scholarship or grants)

    On the Spot Registration: Rs. 300/- extra (For Teachers)
    Rs. 150/- extra (For Students & Research Scholars not getting any scholarship or grants)

    We will make decent accommodation available; however, since we have kept the registration fees to a minimum possible (which includes breakfast & lunch on all three days), accommodation charges will be borne by the participants.

    PUBLICATION: The best papers will be published in a book with an ISBN by a reputed

    Contact / Information

    Chetan Deshmane
    Cell: +91 9423963908 (SMS & Whatsapp Only)

    Yogesh Gangurde
    Cell: +91 9423696777 (SMS & Whatsapp Only)

    Purnima Trivedi-Kulkarni
    Cell: +91 9764066777 (SMS & Whatsapp Only)

    Prashant Mothe
    Cell: +91 9890290602 (SMS & Whatsapp Only)

  2. NAAC Sponsored
    Two Day National Conference

    Academic & Administration Audit
    4th & 5th September 2015
    Organized by

    Internal Quality Assurance Cell

    NAAC Reaccredited “A” Grade
    ISO 9001-2008 Certification
    MSP Mandal’s
    Shri Muktanand College
    Gangapur, Dist. Aurangabad – 431 109
    Phone No. (02433) – 221342 / 221343

    Chief Organizer
    Dr. Shivaji B. Munde

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    It’s our great pleasure to extend a warm and hearty invitation to you and the faculty members of your prestigious institution in the National Conference sponsored by NAAC on “ACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATION AUDIT” to be held on 4th & 5th September 2015.
    It would be a great privilege to welcome all the Management Members, Principals, Registrars, IQAC Coordinators and members, Heads of the departments, students and those all involved in academics and administration.
    Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Aurangabad
    Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal was founded in 1958 under the able and foresighted leadership of Late Shri. Vinayakrao Pandurang Patil, Former Minister for Co-operation and Former President, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee. The institute was established with the prime object to cater the needs of economically and educationally backward and downtrodden masses of this region. With this object, Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal runs 124 Primary Schools, Middle Schools, Colleges, Hostels and Professional Institutes such as Pharmacy, Law, Computer, and IT etc. Recently the Institute was duly honored for its achievements in the field of education and social reformation and awarded as an “Excellent Education Society” by the Government of Maharashtra in 2001. Mandal has successfully arranged 77th Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan. Mandal organizes Orientation Programmes, Workshops, Symposium, and Conferences etc. for the quality improvement for teachers.
    Shri Muktanand College, Gangapur, Dist. Aurangabad
    It was established in June 1970, College is located on the Gangapur– Vaijapur state highway, 2 km away from Gangapur Town. It is one of the leading institutions of rural Marathwada with a long standing of 44 years. The “Educational Complex” of this college is located in a systematically developed Campus of about 25.12 acres. The college imparts education in Arts, Commerce, Science to Junior level, B.A., B. Com., B.Sc., B.C.A., B.C.S. to Under Graduate level. Initially college started with 250 students and about 18 Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff members. Presently the strength of college students is 3775+ with 130 Teaching, Administrative and Supporting staff members. The college teaching staff members are well qualified, efficient, experienced and Socially Committed and accountable.
    The college has constructed separate Administrative and Academic Buildings with well equipped departments in natural surroundings. The college provides deliberate attention to the research activities. The library of college is situated in separate building having all sorts of books. The Boys & Girls Hostels located in college campus. For indoor & outdoor games facilities large play ground is available in college. NSS units are very efficient. Our college has been awarded with three state awards for outstanding work of NSS unit. College has well equipped computer and Language laboratory for all students. Under the efficient and Valuable guidance of Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal and all members Local Governing Council this college is making progress in all fields.
    About Aurangabad & Gangapur :
    Aurangabad is a historical city with rich cultural heritage. Aurangabad has a rich tradition of Hindu-Muslim, Jain-Buddhist cultural heritage. It is famous for Bibi-ka-Maqbara, the Taj of Deccan. It is a capital city of Marathwada region. Ellora is 35 K.M. from Aurangabad known for Kailash Caves, World famous Ajanta Caves are 90 K.M. away from Aurangabad. Paithan is 60 K.M. away from Aurangabad which was capital of Satwahan Dynasty. It is also famous for Sant Eknath Maharaj, Paithani Saree, Jayakwadi Dam etc.. Gangapur is 35 K.M. from Aurangabad. It is on Aurangabad Pune National Highway. Kanadgaon (Agar), famous for Mahanubhavapanth Swami Chkradhar’s Ashram. Shridi is 80 K.M. away from Gangapur. Kayagaon Toka is 8 K.M. away from Gangapur famous for Rameshwar Temple. Devgad famous for Dattraya Temple is 20 K.M. away from Gangapur.

    Conceptual Note:
    Higher Education Institutes play a vital role in the development of the nation. In India, it is need of the hour that the quality of academic and administration should be maintained to provide quality ambience for the all round development of its stakeholders. To achieve this, it becomes imperative to have close scrutiny of current academic and administration audit. University Grants Commission and NAAC have taken initiatives for such audits.
    The qualities of HEIs depend on its efficiency, coordination effective implementation of its academic and administrative plans. It can be only possible when plans are properly executed and checked time and again. PDCA (Plan Do Check (Correct) Act) cycle becomes a common mechanism for the management of the affairs of HEIs.
    HEIs have focused on the technical resources as well as human resources to find out the potential to be used utilized for the quality enhancement and sustenance in their day to day affairs. It has helped to seriously address the issues in the respect. UGC provides financial assistance to improve quality in academic (Faculty Development Programme, Major and Minor Research Projects, Seminar etc…) and administration (CPE, Development Grants, etc… ) of HEIs. NAAC has played great role in examining the implementation for quality parameters in HEIs.
    This seminar would be a conscious effort to address various dimensions of academic and administration audit. It would be of great help by breaking silence by bringing scholars, academicians, administrators on the same platform for quality discussions and exchange of ideas.
    It would be of great importance of HEIs to realize the vision and mission of NAAC and UGC by focusing the needs of academic and administration audit to inculcate quality culture and organizational culture for the development of nation.
    Theme: Academic & Administration Audit
    1. To scrutinize the present academic and administration scenario.
    2. To emphasize the need of academic and administration audit.
    3. To focus the quality benchmarks in the process of academic and administration audit.
    4. To discuss the various aspects, segments involved in the process of academic and administration audit.
    5. To increase the quality ratio in Higher Education Institutes by implementing academic and administration audit.
    6. To bring academicians, administrators together to discuss academic and administration audit and exchange the various ideas, plans to enhance quality culture in Higher Education Institutes through academic and administration audit.
    7. To formulate the role model process of academic and administration audit that can be implemented in Higher Education Institutes.
    Discussion Themes:
    • Academic and Administration Audit: Meaning, Necessity & importance
    • Present Academic and Administration Scenario of Higher Education Institutes
    • Aspects of Academic and Administration Audit (Technical, Human etc..)
    • Quality Enhancement & Academic and Administration Audit
    • Changing Paradigms of Academic and Administration Audit
    • The Process of Academic and Administration Audit
    • Formulating universal policy & process Academic and Administration Audit
    We request you to send your full papers in a stipulated format typed in
    A) For English Papers:
    Font Name: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 pt. with the
    Line Space: 1.5, Margin on all sides: 1″
    Title of Paper: Bold, Title Case (Capitalize each Word), Center.
    Alignment of the Text: Justified
    Reference: Please follow MLA style sheet strictly. No Foot Notes.
    Title of the books: Italics.
    Titles of the articles from journals and books: in quotation.

    Please send it to us electronically on or before 25/08/2015. The paper should conform to the latest norms of the MLA style sheet. Please mail your papers to following e-mail:
    Registration Fees:
    Registration Fess includes working breakfast, lunch and conference kit.
    Teacher: Rs. 700/- only, Students: Rs. 300/- only
    Registration Fees must be paid by Demand Draft in favor of Principal, Shri Muktanand College, Gangapur, Dist. Aurangabad – 431109 or you may deposit the fees through electronic mode as per the following details at the earliest.
    1. Details (Name & Address) of Accounts Holder Principal, Shri. Muktanand College, Gangapur, Aurangabad – 431109
    2. Account Number 20253100100
    3. MICR Code 431014071
    4. IFSC Code MAHB0000271
    5. Type of Account Current Account

    For details please contact to following persons:

    Name Mobile
    Dr. S.B. Munde (Principal) 9421303967
    Dr. S.N. Paithankar (V.P.) 9422203059
    Dr. P.P. Sharma, (V.P.) 9421949182
    Dr. S.J. Kadam 9421341594
    Dr. S.B. Gaikwad 7588076450
    Dr. V. B. Jadhav 7875732317
    Dr. A.S. Deshmukh 9657890683
    Dr. D.N. Jige 9421648191
    Dr. B.T. Pawar 9225315999
    Mr. V.R. Aher (Registrar) 9404595045

    Convener Organizing Secretary
    Dr. Ajay S. Deshmukh Dr. Pramod P. Sharma
    Coordinator Vice-Principal

  3. Pradipta Mukherjee said:

    An edited anthology on diaspora studies is on the verge of publication with a reputed delhi based publisher. Interested authors or contributors are requested to submit full paper …3000 to 5000 words latest by 30 September 2013 in the following email address…
    areas include…diasporic literature. …diasporic cinema…south asian diaspora. literatures and diaspora…the migrant community and diaspora. ..exile literature. ..african…Canadian. ..carribean…australian diaspora.
    Please follow chicago manual style and use endnotes.

  4. Dr. Sandipan Wanve said:

    This is the best work which can unite the lovers of knowledge. All the best. Thanks.
    Dr. Sandipan Wanve, Science College, Nanded. Maharashtra.

  5. Subir Nag said:

    Earnest appreciation. It is like finding an oasis.

  6. Dr. Shaikh Parvez said:

    Indeed it is a step to unite the scholars and academicians and a big platform which is the need of time that will help in accessing the information. wish u best luck.

  7. This is a wonderful website. I am glad I landed here. I work at the Aligarh Muslim University and am sure I will put up all details of any workshop or seminar that we have here in the English department.

  8. This is a great opportunity to avail this facility…It is only because of you that I could publish two papers in anthologies with ISBN. Credit goes to you. keep it up and update us … regards,

  9. Dr. Ashwin Ranjanikar said:

    this is a very good initiative taken by the NBUians. With this all the literature interested personalities come under one umberalla and they will be able to share and pass information very rapidly.
    Congratulations and best of luck.
    Dr. Ashwin P. Ranjanikar

  10. joy lal das said:

    it is a useful site for the netizen cum reader

  11. bhupinder singh said:

    very good effort which will boost the morale of research scholars

  12. Saurav Sengupta said:

    Colourful and fine footage developed with an apology for finesse. The journey has begun well and leaves one gasping that the moderator should have been impregnated with such volatile masochism.

  13. Pinaki Roy said:

    Fine website and community! Very informative, too. I feel honoured to have been acquainted with the moderator/webmaster of this website, and to be a former researcher of the University of North Bengal! And my thanks and gratitude are always for Prof. Samanta who has done so many things for me.

    • Dear Pinaki, It’s about time you paid back with a book review. I’ll send to you the next book I get for a review 🙂 Please msg me your home address.

  14. This is really a modern move adjusting the pace of science with arts.

  15. This is interesting move for creative work. indeed it is appreciable. i do not personally know the bengali fraternity of English studies. but i hope your movement will surely help me to get connected.

  16. Sabyasachi Roy said:

    It’s like a movement, which I think will definitely boost the aspiring critics of literature and unfold their minds with a renewed vigour. Hats off to all who have delivered this unique n innovative project. May this become a landmark event in the history of literary studies in North Bengal. With best wishes Sabyasachi Roy,(asstt teacher) Islampur High School

  17. Suraj Kumar Shaw said:

    It is a great step forward to promote scholarly endeavours taken by NBU.It will definitely attract and inspire the (budding)researchers.This portal will not only help the ”NBUians” but WBENGALians at large in times to come.
    With best wishes

  18. Priyanka Chatterjee said:

    an appreciative endeavour indeeed..!!!a wonderful platform to allow the NBUians to come out of their shells, apprise themselves with literary happenings and of course give vent to all those ideas that begin and end in the minds, remain suppressed due to want of medium of expression…hope its going to work wonders for all of us…

    all the best always n in all ways..


  19. anindya sekhar purakayastha said:

    this is a great begining.hope we can do something good by this for NBU.blogs and activities like these will end academic apartheids prevalent in academia where Indian ivy legue institutes(are there any such bodies?) would no longer look down upon NBUians.If there can be an Yale school and Birmingham school of theory, then why not NBU school of neo-critical theory?
    lets make a begining with all jest and hope and faith.

    with all of always in such efforts.

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