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Authors/editors wishing to showcase their books on this page please send a cover photo with a 250-word write-up to You can also have an e-commerce link (flipcart, amazon etc./publisher’s website) here at no advertising cost.


The Postcolonial Woman Question: Readings in Indian Women Novelists in English

The Postcolonial Woman Question. Edited by Professor Girindra Narayan Ray and Dr. Jaydip Sarkar

Flipcart | Rs. 295

Review by Bipratip Saha

Click here to read the review ______________________________________________________________

Lovescape Crucified: An Extremely Praiseworthy Endeavour

Lovescape Crucified | Professor Saumyajit Samanta.

Flipcart | Sarup and Son. Rs. 400

Review by Neilanjan Saha

Click here to read the review



5 thoughts on “Bookshelf”

  1. I would love to collect a copy of The Postcolonial Woman Question: Readings in Indian Women Novelists in English.

  2. vibha tripathi said:

    this is really grt thing.
    i as a writer used to wonder how can i review ma book… now as i have got this site i m very plzed.
    vibha tripathi.

  3. By introducing Book Review Section here, you have embarked on a noble venture. Hope it will help all–authors, scholars, readers and students. Best of luck!

  4. Oh…wow…Oh..because reviews are too short..only an extended index..
    wow..because it promises good….seriousness of the effort is laudable…will offer space to books which might be ignored by mainstream presses…journals..carry on…nice one…The Postcolonial Woman Question cover is good..quite good..The inside…I’ll probe hopefully. Best wishes…..!

    • Hi Upal,
      The Postcolonial Woman Question is a collection of fifteen really good articles, by young college teachers and scholars. Professor Ray, a senior Professor in NBU, and a scholar noted for his awesome command of critical theory has written a powerful intro and has spent nearly a year editing this book with Dr. Sarkar. Happy reading!

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