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A list of refereed Indian journals and e-journals with ISSN:

  • The Apollonian LINK
  • Indian Journal of Translation Studies LINK
  • Labyrinth LINK
  • RUPKATHA (ISSN 0975-2935) LINK
  • Sanglap Journal of Literary and Cultural Inquiry (ISSN 2349-8064) LINK
  • THE CRITERION (ISSN 0976-8165): LINK
  • PARNASSUS (ISSN:0975-0266) LINK
  • Journal of Literature, Culture & Media Studies (ISSN-0974-7192) LINK


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2 thoughts on “Journals”

    A Peer Reviewed National Journal with ISSN (2319-7684) (Print)
    A Journal of English Literature and Culture
    Vol. 4 2015 Issue 1
    Scholarly unpublished critical writings on various issues of literature , book reviews, interviews are invited for the fourth volume of Middle Flight, a Peer Reviewed National Journal with ISSN published annually from the Dept. of English, S. S. Mahavidyalaya, Kespur, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India. Eligibility is restricted to research scholars and teachers of colleges and universities. We are not specifying any theme or sub-theme for this volume. Suggested broad areas are:
    • Indian English Writings
    • New Literatures in English
    • British Literature
    • Subaltern Studies
    • War Poetry
    • Witness Poetry
    • Devotional Poetry
    • Literature and Quest for Identity

    Decision of the Board of Editors and opinion of our esteemed reviewers regarding the selection of papers will be binding. The papers will be subjected to blind review. Contributors are to send only the soft copies now. Paper contributors may be asked to submit hard copies, if required.
    Please send your papers no later than 25.07.2015
    The fourth volume is slated to be launched by September, 2015
    Editing Requirements:
    • Send your paper in two word-documents (MS 2007) attached –
    • Word-docs. No.01(The Paper): An abstract within 200 words, 4-6 Key-words and the duly documented paper written in English language only
    • Word-docs. No.02 (Bio-note): Brief bio-note containing your name and designation (verifiable from your institutional website), complete mailing address, institutional address (with website details), Research area/Specialization (if any), mail-id, contact details and a duly signed declaration that yours is an original work and has not been sent anywhere else in part or full for publication.
    • Paper size: A4; Font type & font size: Times New Roman, 12; Spacing: 1.5; Margin: 1 inch on all four sides.
    • Documentation: Authors are to follow the Seventh Edition of MLA handbook. This is important in view of the fact that many of the papers are rejected on grounds of poor documentation. A paper without a duly prepared works-cited list will not be accepted. Don’t use Footnotes. Use Endnotes, if required.
    • Word – range: 3000- 5000 words (including Works Cited List)
    • It is imperative that authors follow strict ethics of writing papers and duly acknowledge borrowings in any form.
    • It is a non-profit journal launched from a department not well off financially. We receive no grants from any funding agency. Pitted against pecuniary constraints we can choose but appeal to our paper contributors to pay a processing charge amounting Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only in Indian currency). (To be deposited in the journal account on receipt of the final paper acceptance intimation). But we declare that processing charge in not obligatory. A print copy of the journal will be sent to your address on complimentary basis.
    • Rejected papers won’t be sent back to the contributor. Only the message of rejection will be communicated through mail and it is not obligatory for the editors to send any detailed review report. The reviewers/editors reserve the right to introduce any type of change in an accepted paper/reject any paper if it not in harmony with the standard requirements of a paper/ of our journal.
    • Send (electronic version only) to:
    • Papers submitted for publication is subject to Copy Right Act. The paper contributors are to bear the consequences of violation of this act.

    Chief Editor,
    Middle Flight
    (ISSN 2319-7684) (Print)

  2. Please include some names of journals (with links) from India and abroad and specify the areas.

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