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For easy browsing this page has been linked with five different sub-pages accessible from the menu as well as the links given below. Hope now this website index looks clutter-free and user-friendly. Please click on the links given below to navigate to these sub-pages.

Academic Websites | Online Classes | Digital Libraries | Open Courseware | Reference

Please use this page to suggest useful links to the community. Just leave them in the leave a reply space. Here are a few topics I could think of. You can always suggest links in the “other links” section.

Tip: SAVE YOUR EYESIGHT while browsing

Almost all browsers nowadays respond to this shortcut: hold Ctrl (Google Chrome) or Shift (Opera) and press + key. You can zoom in and have larger fonts. To zoom out simply hit the key. By the way, did you know that Opera 10.60 is the fastest browser now?

Other useful Academic Website Indexers

  • An excellent resources page http://www.anilpinto.blogspot.com/ suggested by Bodhisattva Khan, Asst. Professor, Cluny Women’s College, Kalimpong. You can click on his name to catch up with him on Facebook.
  • Tarun Tapas Mukherjee, assistant professor of English, Bhatter College, Medinipur is a Facebook fan of NBUSEMINAR. He has started an indexing project for researchers. Click here to visit his site. You can click on his name to catch up with him on Facebook.
  • Voice of the Shuttle woven by Alan Liu of the University of California, Santa Barbara, English Department with a team of department graduate students and others. The site has been on the web for a long time, and painstakingly maintained. You would find the indexer exhaustive, to say the least.


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