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Cultural Studies Links

It is good to begin with the Wikipedia entry, and move on. Remember that the discipline has a history. Without a knowledge of the works of the Birmingham School one cannot realise the peculiar inclinations within this interdisciplinary discipline. Have a look at this site, Download a sample copy of the Routledge journal Cultural Studies.

Film and Media Studies Links

Mediascape is University of California’s excellent open access e-journal. Please be sure to visit:

Postmodernism Links

  • (This is not a Link, :-)). Check out Professor Niall Lucy’s (Curtin University, Au) Postmodern Literary Theory: An Introduction (Indian edition by Atlantic, Rs. 450, get it at Ane Books, Shivmandir, near NBU campus), the anthology and the brilliant A Derrida Dictionary. His recent publication POMO OZ: Fear and Loathing Downunder effectively dispels academia’s misinterpretations of Postmodernism. The prose is brilliant and stimulating, and Professor Lucy’s aim is not to shoo away the reader, but let them grow an interest in these commonly dreaded and avoided themes.


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